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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Matter, Shooting a Family Event

 ISO640, f4, 1/250sec, 24-105 at 105mm

As our adventure for South America was getting very close, we decided to visit family.

Starting with our place of birth “Montreal” where we have many relatives and friends.

We were fortunate enough to be there during one family event a house warming.

My youngest sister and her boyfriend bought their first house, an old and beautiful place in a charming location in the Old Town of Boucherville, south side of the Saint Lawrence River, with a view of East Montreal.

 ISO640, f4, 1/1000sec, 24-105 at 28mm
The weather was fantastic, and their backyard was the perfect place for festivity, country style.
ISO640, f4, 1/60sec, 24-105 at 98mm

 ISO800, f4, 1/60sec, 24-105 at 24mm

I offered her to shoot during the event as a memory gift.

 ISO800, f4, 1/200sec. 24-105 at 105mm
When shooting an event and drinking wine at the same time I always set my camera in advance.

It’s start late afternoon and the backyard was under a lot of shade, I decided to up the ISO to 640 as
a starting point, and up to 2500 during the event.

Using my favorite lens Canon 24-105 at f4 for most of the event, setting the camera to aperture
priority and to silent continuous shooting to get as many great shots as possible.

I found that the continuous shooting was the best feature to capture kids, without having the posing effect not that is something wrong with having a subject posing, but getting the more natural look is a lot better when it’s possible.
 ISO2500, f4, 1/50sec, 24-105 at 105mm

ISO 2000, f4.5, 1/25sec, 24-105 at 67mm

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