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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Topaz Impression 2 and Topaz Glow 2

Following my last post and experience with Topaz Impression2, I decided to go back to the same location as the sky was a lot more interesting, I wanted to do a square format, to show as much sky as possible to balance the image.

Following the same process as I did for the last post, first I cleaned the image in Photoshop, took out the people and houses, and cloned more flowers. After the cleanup I made 3 copies of the clean layer opened the first one in Topaz and used Over paint saved it, when back with the second copy and this time applied Swirly lines that I modified saved it and finally went back into Topaz and this time used Knife and oil.  To finish I used layer mask to keep and discard what I wanted from each layers. I flattened the image did another copy and used Liquify filter and Topaz Glow 2 graphic 11, I kept only few interesting line from this filters.

And as always to make sure that my saturation was not overboard I used Photoshop Gamut Warning and lowered down the saturation.

Topaz Impression 2 and Glow 2 final Image

Cropped Original Image directly from Camera

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