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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Topaz Impression 2

 I have been using Corel Painter for a long time, I love that software, but it is very expensive and time consuming, every year they come along with an update that is quite deep in the pocket, and now with the exchange for US currency it is getting too expensive, I am still using my old version but in the mean time I like to speak to you about Topaz Impression 2.

Topaz Labs have a lot of different program at a fare price,, it's not cheap but it's fare and you can always try it for 30 days, same with Corel Painter, when I have more time I am going to test the new Corel Painter too.

This is an image that I did using Topaz Impression2 you can see the original photo directly from Camera, below the painted image,

Topaz Impression 2

Original Image from Camera

I especially shoot this photo thinking about the effect from Topaz Impression 2, first I cleaned the image in Photoshop, took out the people and houses, and cloned more flowers. After the cleanup I made 3 copies of the clean layer opened the first one in Topaz and used Saturated Watercolor saved it, when back with the second copy and this time applied Georgia O'Keefe that I modified saved it and finally went back into Topaz and this time used Chiaroscuro 3.  To finish I used layer mask to keep and discard what I wanted from each layers. I flattened the image did another copy and used Liquify filter to change the aspect of the tree, and as I always do check my gamut, using view gamut warning, that is extremely important if you want to print and not over saturate your image, using hue and saturation I lowered the saturation where needed. The full process took me less than 30 minutes a lot less than doing the same work manually.

I don't have any affiliation with Topaz, but I sure use it a lot!!! If you have questions about it please use the comment section.

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