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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to do Abstract with Photoshop

The list of steps to use to do this kind of abstract.

  1. Start with any photo doesn’t matter the subject, look at color you like
  2. Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint > Medium lines  
  3. Filter > Blur > Radial blur (slider = 100, blur method = zoom, quality = best)
  4. Repeat step 3 up to 5 times, as desired,
  5. Duplicate layer
  6. Remain on original layer. Filter > Distort > Twirl (angle value = +80 or as desired) I don’t go over 120, but you can do whatever you like, try different angle.
  7. Select new layer. Filter > Distort > Twirl (angle value = -80 or opposite of step 6 angle value)
  8. Alter new layer’s blending mode to lighten
  9. Save a Psd,
  10. Flatten image
  11. Modify if needed, color, hue and saturation, cropping, whatever you want to do.
I normally use a large resolution file that way I can crop into it.

I learned it from this page,


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Park General San Martin Mendoza Argentina

This video came from my friend Jessy idea, I wanted to take
some photos from the renovation that was done at Park General San Martin Lake
North side here in Mendoza Argentina, and she proposed a video instead.
I was not sure as my small camera is not great for video,
not consistent, sometimes you are filming without knowing and other times you
are thinking that you are filming and you are not.
I didn’t want to bring my big camera and decided why not,
who cares if it’s good or not it’s only intended for family and friends that
want to have an idea of where I live and what I do.
The experience was great, I did a terrible video, passing
from English to French to Spanish, taking way too many clips, (54).  I learned a lot by this experience, found out
that the software that I used “movie maker from Microsoft cut part of the image
and audio when transferring to mp4, next time I will know better, putting my
subject far away from the edges of the frame and spacing the narration a lot
Also making sure that the camera is working properly. I had
an introduction that I filmed but not recorded before leaving my house that
day, speaking about the Park and the lake, Park General San Martin is 393 hectares,
the construction started in 1896, the gates at the main entrance were installed
in 1909, and are decorated with a condor and the coat of arms of the city.  The rose garden was inaugurated in 1919.
Hopefully my next attempt will be a lot better!

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