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Friday, January 30, 2015

January no 5, Mendoza Zoo

Since I can remember I always enjoyed going to the zoo, no matter how big or small, how great of not so great.

Mendoza zoo is not big or great, but I found it very interesting, as this zoo does not adhere to regulations of animal health, such as The Association of Zoos and Aquariums in its Polar Bear Care Manual.  Apparently Arturo the zoo polar bear cannot be move as he is too old, but I didn’t see him when visiting the zoo, not sure if Arturo still there.
One thing I really like about this zoo is the location and surrounding, a lot of trees and nature, it is part of General San Martin Park, 10 minutes walk to the top of Cerro de la Gloria a mountain located in the General San Martín Park. It has a huge monument to the Army of the Andes at the top. The monument was built by the Uruguayan Juan Manuel Ferrari, along with the Argentines Juan Carlos Oliva Navarro, Víctor Garino, Víctor Calistri, Víctor Guarini y Víctor Cerini. It was began in 1911, as part of the celebrations of the Argentina Centennial of 1910. It was inaugurated on February 12, 1914, an anniversary of the Battle of Chacabuco.

Amazing workmanship

  Walking in the zoo was relaxing, with a lot of monkeys jumping from trees to trees free to go where ever, I am surprise we don't have any in the city.

The map,

Free living

The zoo was established in 1903 as part of the project landscape architect Carlos Thays, who was also commissioned the design of the then West Park (now known as Parque General San Martin). Construction began the following year, during the government of Emilio Civit. The initial location of the project was to address the current school-home Eva Peron. There he built a building that would be used as a cage for lions.  

The first animals arrived on May 18, 1903 donated by the city of Buenos Aires. The group included a zebu, 6 dogs, 6 guinea pigs and rabbits

In 1939 the zoo he commissioned architect Daniel Ramos Correa relocation of the zoo. He devised an ambitious project to place it on the northeast slope of Cerro de la Gloria. Taking inspiration from various zoos around the world, the architect designed semi open enclosures that simulate natural habitats and enough space for animals, without bars or cages, just with different levels and building stone walls of the curvature of the hill. This never became fully effective, as during the construction itself included certain dangerous animals cages.

The zoo was officially opened in 1941, covering 40 hectares (99 acres) and including 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) of paths and roads

This guys welcome the guess at the entrance gate

Beautiful birdy

So cute

Another free living monkey!

These guys are from Chile!

I think this grizzly might be Canadian!

Beautiful Cats

The kid and his mom,

I like this photo, the shape the shadows and the lines.

Black and white is a great way to show texture.

Not sure what they are talking about?
Digital Painting

I took most of my information from Wikipedia and all the photos with my small Panasonic Lumix, very please with the result.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January no 4, Uco Valley Mendoza

I took that shot from the car, I used my polarizer filter to reduce the reflection, The Entrance to the Uco Valley
The Uco Valley in Mendoza is one of the most fantastic place I ever been, it is considered one of the top wine regions in Mendoza. The high elevation, alluvial soils, irrigation sourced from the Andes Mountains,   with over 250 sunny days a year, almost no rain and vast temperature differences between day and night are all conducive to growing quality wine grapes. These climate and geography elements come together to provide excellent fruit ripening and concentration, developing colors, aromas, flavors and textures resulting in wines that are deep in color, intense in aromas and rich in flavors at a very affordable price.
The best Malbec in the world, and the food, the valley has some of the best restaurants in Argentina.
I and two of my friends, Anne and Arnold, Arnold was so kind to drive us for the day, he also took the reservations for me and Anne to visit Salentein winery and for our 6 courses lunch at Andeluna winery, and acted as our guide as he knows the region very well.  
Even if my birthday is only in February, my friend Anne wanted that day to be my advance birthday celebration, I am so glad, cause it was one of the best birthday celebration I ever had thanks to my friends.
We left the city around 9am to be in the valley around 10:30, the cloud were low, that meant that the view of the Andes would be covered, the cloud were very interesting and gave a different mood to our excursion.
Our first stop was at the top of the hill overlooking the valley, that’s where I realized how vast the valley was, I had no idea, so much land, just amazing such a large country, so much green, beautiful.
Not only are they growing wine but all the orchards, from walnuts to olives to peaches and oranges, name it and it might grow here. 

View of the Uco Valley

I took that shot from the car, I used my polarizer filter to reduce the reflection, Olives Plantation

I took that shot from the car, I used my polarizer filter to reduce the reflection, Olive Plantation
Our second stop was at the most popular winery in the Valley “Salentein”, the “King of the Valley”. Salentein has the “single biggest cool climate estate” in Mendoza. This estate in Valley de Uco has a linear distance of 22 kilometers on an area of 800 hectares with vineyards at altitudes ranging from 1,050 to 1,550 meters. A variety of microclimates (with different temperatures due to solar radiation), endowed with great thermal amplitude, a diversity of soils, altitudes and orientations, offers a unique ecosystem for growing grapes, and led to the discovery of new winemaking profiles. 

Our first stop was the Gratitude Chapel, the austere chapel was built using only environmentally friendly materials. The innovative building enhances the beauty of the landscape and creates a uniquely inviting spot to enjoy an afternoon. Created both for the celebration of service at winery and for the open participation of community, the chapel is located at the entrance road to Killka. It consists of a small chamber with a large atrium, in the style of the old Andean chapels, where mass can be celebrated framed by the magnificent scenery.

Gratitude Chapel

Gratitude Chapel

Gratitude Chapel
After what we went directly to the entrance building to start the tour and tasting.

Entrance Building and Art Gallery

The Bodega

The Bodega

The most amazing cellard!

The Tasting

Art blending with the architecture!

After an amazing visit at Salentein we went to Andeluna for a 6 courses lunch.

Our 6 Courses Menu

Andeluna Kitchen

A Table With a View

Homemade Olive Bread.

Amazing Food

 Smoked Trout

Chef Santiago Orozco Russo

Braised Pork, melting in your mouth!

The Filet was amazing!

The Mousse, fantastic

My Birthday Cake, a real dream.

It was an amazing lunch, the food the wine everything was excellent, one of the best meal ever!

Before returning to Mendoza we stop by The Vines of Mendoza. 

In 2005, Pablo Gimenez Riili and Michael Evans recognized the world-class potential of Mendoza’s Uco Valley and invested in 250 acres of land. Their purpose: to bring the dream of owning a vineyard and making your very own premium quality wine to reality. The Vines of Mendoza has since sold Private Vineyards to more than 130 owners from around the globe, expanded the property to 1,500 acres and established the highest quality winemaking enterprise in the region. 

The Grapes at The Vines of Mendoza

The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort

The Andes and the vineyards

Going back to Mendoza after a memorable day!!!

I took that shot from the car, I used my polarizer filter to reduce the reflection, The Andes and the vineyards