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About me,

Marketing Management, campaign, media, photography & videography.

Stock Contributor;   Arcangel (book cover agency), Alamy, Adobe Stock.

Photography; the passion, the immersion, connection and interaction with the subject, freedom of expression through the lens.

I learned from the best, Brian Swinyard one of the top creative photographer in UK, Brian was a real inspiration, helping me in defining my vision, understanding how to transfer it into my photography, how to let go, to refine my own style!

Portrait, conceptual, documentary 

Let’s take the time to refine the narrative of your story, or the story you want to communicate.

Narrative visual, documentary, advocacy, funding, human culture and travel, humanity causes, peace, pollution, poverty, inequality, freedom, corporate social responsibilities. We all have something to communicate, our story,  opinions & concerns, ideas, knowledge, contributions..., let’s collaborate, social media marketing campaigns and presentations,



  1. I'll follow your blog. Very interesting life, and full of hope, which I love. Kelly

  2. Thank you Kelly, I will continue on. If you want me to write a post on technical or experiment in photography or travel in Argentina, I'll be pleased to do it:)

  3. You are so brave Diane. I wish you to overcome all the difficulties of life. God bless you and your family. I'll follow your blog too. Good luck. Irena

  4. Thank you so much for your support Irena, we are getting there, we booked our tickets, going down south to Mendoza on August 15, arriving on the 16, it will be a great adventure with a lot of challenges, if you have time to visit me your room will be ready)))