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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Familia Zuccardi Winery Mendoza

Familia Zuccardi is the most amazing winery in Mendoza, it's my favorite, it's unique, magical, I felt like being in Italy, in a other world, it was a fantastic experience.

The atmosphere the intimacy it's hard to explain, it's an experience you cannot miss, if you come to Mendoza you have to visit Zuccardi it is an absolute most!

Light lunch at Pan Y Oliva

Beautiful Olive Trees, amazing Olive Oil,

Direction Familia Zuccardi

My wish now is too go back to take more photos and get more info about all the fantastic activities that you can do when visiting Zuccardi.

I was fortunate enough to meet with the owner Jose Alberto Zuccardi and his daughter Julia "Santa Julia Wine my all time favorite wine, when I was in Alberta drinking Santa Julia Magna, I never dreamed that I will one day meet with Julia!!!,
Jose Alberto and Julia were so welcoming it felt like being in a small intimate winery, they kept that homey Italian style even if they are one of the largest producer with over 18 millions bottles per year! Walking through the vines and olive trees, smelling the roses and fresh herbs from the garden, I just want to go back!!! and I will.

Jose Alberto Zuccardi and I, so welcoming!

Julia Zuccardi and I, so welcoming!

Santa Julia, One of my favorite wine, when I was in Alberta drinking Santa Julia Magna, I never dreamed that I will one day meet with Julia!!!

My friend Arnold and Casa Del Visitante Sommelier, 

I didn't used my flash or tripod, only high ISO, next time I will bring more equipment, and drink less wine, "before shooting images" after it's another story!!!

Relaxing, beautiful, homey, I just want to go back!

Restaurant Casa Del Visitante outside cooking

Santa Julia Espumantes

One of Zuccardi tasting room

Creativity and experimentation

Creativity and experimentation

Batch Testing, Zuccardi never stop innovating, doing in house Research and Development.

Testing batch

The art gallery, also a place for intimate music performance, 

A special thanks to my friend Arnold who was my guide, who also introduce me to Jose Alberto and Julia, it was an amazing day.

Thank you Arnold,


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