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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lensbaby for Street Photography

 Double Glass Optic 50m, f4, 1/4000sec ISO 200

Lensbaby and street photography, not an easy task but great tool to separate your subject from his surroundings.  I was in Palermo Viejo a neighborhood of Buenos Aires in Argentina, beautiful country, and an amazing city, that morning I decided to do street photography bringing only my camera and one lens my Lensbaby Composer and the double glass optic. The way this optic works like most of the Lensbaby optics, you have to manually add your aperture, small little disc that have a variety of size and shape.  One hint for starter, it is way easier to use f5.6 and up aperture to start an learn you way down to  f1.2 that will save you a great amount of frustration, my favorite aperture using this optic for street photography and portrait is f4.
f4, 1/400sec, ISO 200

 Double Glass 50m, f4, 1/1250 sec ISO 200 the morning news!
Back to Palermo, that day I decided to go for f4, wandering in the street close to the church I saw that homeless woman, in reality at that moment I regretted not having my Canon 24-105 lens "my favorite street lens", it means not only to be creative but to get closer to my subject, the double glass optic is only 50m. I gave the woman money and began shooting, no tripod, manual focus, at f4.  I learned 3 valuable lessons that day, never go out without my 24-105, start using Lensbaby optic more often and always bring a tripod.
The result was very interesting, now on I always have Lensbaby with me, it's a very creative tool that doesn't take a lot of space. For better resolution and more of Argentina images visit my site at

Monday, March 12, 2018

Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta Cemetery Entrance, Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 24mm, f14, 1/60sec, ISO200, Black and White

I passed few weeks visiting La Recoleta Cemetery, during a trip to Buenos Aires, in Spring 2011, I had the chance to do a lot of shooting  my subject where mostly "Statues", for me they represented the spirit of the place, they are in fact the residents,

This cemetery is an amazing place, 14 acres of history, I used a map to find my way around, if your time is limited the best option will be to go on a tour. 
That cemetery contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Peron, most of Argentina Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners, etc..., and a lot of cats.
The location is great in the heart of La Recoleta BA best neighborhood, very cultural, with the  National Fine Arts Museum, a lot of great shopping and BA best restaurants.

For our stay like always we rented an apartment from  they are great and affordable.

 If you have any questions about BA, don't hesitate to ask me, I may not be able to know the answer but I can find out, I have a lot friends in Argentina that can help.

For the shooting I used my Canon 5D Markii, and different lenses, including Lensbaby,  I wrote the shooting info under each image, you can find more images by visiting my website gallery Fine ArtRecoleta Cemetery BA 2011

The Little Angel, Canon 5D Markii,16-35 at 18mm, f18, 1/85sec, ISO200, Black and White onOne Soft

The Man Canon 5D Markii, Lensbaby, double glass optic  50mm, f4, 1/1600sec, ISO200,

The Queen, Canon 5D Markii, Lensbaby, double glass optic  50mm, f4, 1/2500sec, ISO200,  Black and White on
The 2 Brothers Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 105mm, f5.6, 1/1250sec, ISO200, Black and White onOne Software

The Bird on the Cross, Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 24mm, f9, 1/400sec, ISO200, Black and White  

 The Good Over Evil,   Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 67mm, f4, 1/800sec, ISO200, Black and White

 Angel,  Canon 5D Markii, Lensbaby, double glass optic  50mm, f4, 1/500sec, ISO200

The End of the Day, Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 105mm, f7, 1/80sec, ISO200, Black and White onOne S

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