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Monday, January 11, 2016

Black and White Fine Art Nude Project

I always liked black and white for fine art nude,  I like the simplicity of it,  no color distraction at all.
For this project I wanted simple beautiful arty images, minimalist style with a minimum of props focusing on the shape of my subject keeping her anonymous, no eyes contact no facial expression.

I find that eyes contact and facial expression are more suitable for glamour and for this project I really wanted fine art nude.

It was done with a minimum of equipment, Canon 5d Markiii, Canon  24-105 Lens, Lensbaby Pinehole and soft focus optics, 2 Canon Speedlites 600EX-RT on a tripod bouncing on a circular white reflector and Canon radio transmitter  ST-E3-RT for the flashes that were set manually.

We worked in a very small space in my bedroom, not more than 10x10 feet, using mostly only one white wall that had no distraction, it was far from the comfort of a studio, but nothing is impossible when working with a great subject!

We did the best with what we got, and the result of that cooperation and interaction between my subject and I was the most beautiful set of fine art black and white images.

I didn't want to put the images on my blog by respect for my subject as they can be copied, and put directly into google public gallery, but if you want to view them you can visit the gallery on my website just follow this link Fine Art Nude Project

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Amazing Richard Sidey Beautiful Nature Video

This is a beautiful video covering different parts of the world where the water is very cold
and where  there are many ice fields and ice bergs , penguins, walruses, gulls and other birds,
liners  moving slowly thru the ice fields, etc.

It’s about  5 minutes long but well worth your time.