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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mendoza Vendimia Parade 2015

Since I can remember I always liked parades, and Mendoza Vendimia is one of my favorite.
I took all the photos and the video with my small Panasonic Lumix, I didn’t want to carry my big camera, not sure it was a great idea, next time I will bring the big guy for more flexibility and a lot better resolution. 

I used my little Lumix on manual setting this is the best setting for event like this one, using auto will had work for some shots only, the camera cannot decide way too much contrasts between dark shadows and bright highlights.

Also using the camera on manual setting give me the opportunity of using raw instead of Jpeg for better resolution. 

I had to up the ISO quite often to get the right shutter speed to freeze the action 1/200 sec minimum even with an aperture of f2.8 I couldn’t get enough light and my only option was to bring the ISO up bringing noise into the images. Small sensor camera like my Panasonic Lumix  had a lot more noise than a crop or full sensor DSLR, that’s another reason to bring my big guy next time.

I used the regular Photoshop noise reduction to reduce part of the noise and Alien Skin software for my black and white conversion.

If you have any questions about setting or processing let me know.

During this event I focus mostly on what make the event so successful "the people" they worked extremely hard, the weather was very warm about 34C and they did it dancing singing smiling enduring under very warm costumes, thanks to these amazing people it was an amazing event.

My favorite part was the Bolivian Dancers to see the small video follow this link "Mendoza Vendimia Bolivian Dancers 2015" .

It's a huge post with a lot of pictures it will take time to upload, the gallery is also on my website follow this link to view it Mendoza Vendimia Parade 2015


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