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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vivi Francia In Mendoza Argentina Lunch at Anna Bistro

This past Friday was the famous Vivi Francia lunch at Anna Bistro, it was part of the French week in Mendoza Argentina.

Anna is one of my old time favorite Bistro in Mendoza, and the food was amazing, have a look at the menu,
 MenĂș VivĂ­ Francia:
Tartine de Brie y Rucula
Tournedos de filet, salsa malbec y echalote, gratin dauphinois
Moelleux de chocolate
Incluye vino y agua
For 240pesos

It was fantastic, we arrived around 12:45, and as soon as we sat down the champagne was served with an assortment of appetizers including house smoke salmon.

Surrounding by the garden and listening to French music, it felt very good.

Most of the people were Argentine, except for us and Anna Bistro owner Jerome.

It's rare to go to an event and not hear any English only French and Spanish.

I was very surprise to not see any other expat!

This event is every year around the same time, if you are in Mendoza it's a must you should go!

The food and the wine were excellent, as soon as our glasses were empty they were filled right away, the service was excellent. 

Marc my husband and best friend for almost 40 years

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