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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Mom 87 Birthday

My mom 87 birthday,

Maman 87

My mom turned 87 last Sunday April 24, that was a fantastic event, so happy to have her, she had a great time, to see all the photos from that day please follow this link,

Maman and my husband Marc

Maman and Leonie 

Maman and Eloise

Mathieu and Annie-Claude

Maman with Johanne

Maman and Martine

Maman and Louis

Maman, enjoying a fantastic dinner!

Maman in a conversation with Carl

Maman and Martine

Maman and Martine

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  1. What a cool mom you have! Her 87th birthday looks super enjoyable. I love the dinner table. Glad that you had an awesome time in this bash. I also would be hosting surprise 50th birthday bash for my mom and planning to book her favorite vintage event space NYC for the day.

  2. Thank you, she is amazing, turning 90 next April!!!