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Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to shot a firework from a window

I had the opportunity to shot a small firework, from my bedroom window in Okotoks, Canada Day July first, distance between 2 and 3km.

Before the event, I placed my Canon 5D Markiii, Canon 100-400 on my big tripod, making sure it was secure. I checked my remote timer and did some testing.

Because I was far away and indoor I couldn’t hear the bursts launching, normally you fired at the same time, but hey I had to try it.

My setting were f14, 8sec, ISO100, lens on manual focus and ring on in infinity,

the reason I choose these setting is because the intensity of a firework in Okotoks is not very strong, I will say medium intensity, for really low I will probably start at f11, and high f22, between 8 and 30 sec. depending how interesting the burst are, a small city firework as the one in Okotoks, 8 sec. shutter speed is more than enough.
Also for better result try shooting on a portrait frame.

Doing it in door was so relaxing, I hope to have an opportunity to shoot a top intensity firework from indoor, with a perfect view!!!


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