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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Multiplicity Selfy

I decided to have fun on top of Whistlers Mountain an elevation of 2277 meters (7472 feet).

I will write few posts on Jasper in the next few weeks, it's an amazing destination!

How to make this kind of shot, pretty easy, the equipment DSLR, I used my Canon 5D Markiii, and a 24-105 lens at 28mm, f1/16, 1/100sec. ISO 200, focus on about 10 to 12' camera on a tripod, manual focusing, used daylight for white balance, it has to be the same for all the shots, not too much of an issue if you shoot raw, like I always do.

After have fun, put the camera on timer, get 10 seconds to run around, the trick is to get a lot of space to make sure you are not putting your subject in this case myself too close as you will need to use Photoshop to mix the layers.

The first one I did in my living room, the shot on my FB and website page was a bit more difficult as the space was restrain that's why I took only 3 shots, this time I had a lot more space and took 4 shots, next time I will try 5 shots.
s you made on one will be add to the others, open images, and layers them on top of each others, using hide all layer mask on all except for the base one, reveal only the subject.
If you have any questions please let me know,

All the space I needed, and it was so much fun, an amazing place:)
Number one, not a lot of space, only 3 shots

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