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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Indiana Jessy at the Jurassic Park "La Quinta Anabtawi"!

This image was done using 53 photos stitched together.

Working with Jessy is always fun,  this time we decided to relax and enjoy a sunny Sunday morning at our friend Riyad place " La Quinta Anabtawi, in Vistalba Mendoza.

We were there for our photography meet up, this was my last one as the group organizer, and it was the best one ever!

I did 2 panoramic photos, the one on top was done using 53 photos stitched together, I had to reduce the resolution of all the photos to merge them in Photoshop to prevent crash, I am hoping to redo it with even more resolution with a better program.
For the second one I used 26 images a bit faster to merge, but still I had to reduce the resolution of all photos again to prevent crash!

This image was done using 26 photos stitched together.

 I also used my small Lensbaby Circular Fisheye 5.8mm, extreme wide angle, not crazy with the resolution but it a creative tool, and I use it from time to time,

Lensbaby Circular Fisheye, 5.8mm, extreme wide angle, Fall in Mendoza Argentina

Lensbaby Circular Fisheye, 5.8mm, extreme wide angle "Ceibo Argentina National Flower

 Keeping the best part for the end, I shoot Jessy my bff and favorite model, this time my heroine was playing the role of Indiana Jessy in Jurassic Park, I processed all the photo in black and white for 2 reason, first I wanted to give the photo a vintage movie look and second all the photos were shot during the noon hour the worst time to take photo, harsh light not great for any photos especially for portrait. No matter how harsh the light was Jessy always looked great, as you'll see with this little story teller,                    "Indiana Jessy at the Jurassic Park!"

Behind the scene!

Riyad helping Jessy to get into position,

Jessy having fun, like always during our shooting session!!!

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