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Monday, November 9, 2015

Asado with friends, Mendoza Argentina

Our friends Gustavo and Sandra invited us for an asado “bbq” yesterday evening, what a treat a real delight, an amazing experience the best bottles pairing with amazing food.

I took my camera with me, no flash, no tripod, using high ISO, all photos are at 12800 ISO,  that's very high, but if you over exposed slightly  you get less noise.

Gustavo and Sandra are our friend and neighbors, it was fantastic to have diner in our own backyard,  in our condo complex we have an Asado place where we can bbq and have diner under the star.

Gustavo is a wine connoisseur and he shared with us his best vintage, his private collection, best wines I ever drank.

We started with a great Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 from Atamisque, after we tried Ambrosia Preciosio an amazing Malbec 2012, with our meal we drank Atamisque Assemblage an incredible blend 2011, and to finish Gustavo make us try two of his best bottles Val de Flores Malbec 2008 and Iscay Malbec/Cabernet Franc 2009.

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It was a fantastic evening, an amazing experience, nothing better than sharing with friends.  

Our friend Gustavo a wine Connoisseur

My Husband Marc enjoying every moment of that evening

Amazing food

Perfectly cooked,

Generous Portion!!! This is Argentina!

Our friend Sandra and Gustavo

Marc and Gustavo

Myself, Marc, and Sandra

Myself, Marc and Gustavo, as you can see we have a lot of space in our courtyard .

Muchas gracias amigos por una noche inolvidable, 

Diane y Marc


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