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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lion, Lioness photography

Hi everyone, I was working on book cover submission searching my old images, and I came across the lions shots I did at the Calgary Zoo a while ago.
I remembered that day like it was yesterday, I was so lucky, I had my tripod my big 100-400 lens, my kenko teleplus pro 300 1.4x extender , up to 560mm that's long enough for safari in a zoo!!!

The photo above was done with the extender and the image is quite sharp, the 100-400 is a huge heavy lens, and using a tripod is a most to get sharp images.

The following images were all redone for my submission, as you can see all of them were transformed to portrait of vertical, to match book cover format, I changed the background for some of them to add a story.

Before directly from the camera

After one was accepted by Arcangel "book cover agency"

Before directly from the camera

 After this one was accepted by Arcangel "book cover agency"

Before directly from the camera


 Passing many hours waiting and shooting was very rewarding that day, it's not always the case, but one thing is sure, being patient and having all the gears in hand help a lot, I know it's very cumbersome and heavy, but that day like most of the time I passed at the Calgary Zoo, I rented a cart to carry my equipment, it make a huge difference, passing a full day carrying heavy equipment is very demanding, using a cart is the way to go,

Not all of the above where accepted, but reworking the image for my submission was great, I find  shooting wild animal in a zoo very interesting, no matter how big or small the zoo is you will always find great images, some zoos even have photo safari event, something I am thinking of doing.

Have a great week everyone,

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