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Friday, April 25, 2014

Cough, sore throat and chest pain syrup

Lemon Juice, Brandy, Honey and Vegetable Glycerine, Canon 5D Makiii, Canon 100mm Macro, f16, 1sec, ISO200

After my husband third spine surgery, I got very sick, too many night without any sleep, passing many hours at the hospital, end up with a chest flu, it started with a sore throat and got worst, getting into my lungs it was very painful, I tried all kind of store bought syrup, a lot of cough drops, nothing seems to work! That’s when my mom told me to try Sister Angele syrup, Sister Angele real name his Angela Rizzardo she was born in Italy in 1938 and moved to Quebec in 1955, she is well known for a lot of TV show and great recipes, one of them is the cough, sore throat and chest pain syrup, I was septic at first but I had to try it, and it worked, no more cough, no more pain, and very easy to make.
It’s called 4-4-4-4, because of the 4 ingredients using 4 ounces each.
I normally do half a batch,
2oz of brandy
2oz of honey
2oz of food grade glycerine
2oz of lemon juice
Mix all ingredients in a cup, keep it in the fridge.
I use a shooter glass to drink it, 1oz as needed.

1oz as needed, Canon 5D Makiii, Canon 100mm Macro, f6.3, 1/6sec, ISO200

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