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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Canmore Road Trip, best lemon pie ever!!!

Visiting Canmore during a hot Saturday evening during the busiest time of summer, wanted to get a great place to sit and relax with friends is not an easy task!
But at our last visit, we were very fortunate to find the perfect place, The Market at Three Sisters Bistro.

A great place to enjoy, some delicious breakfast lunch and diner in an authentic mountain atmosphere!

Located near the 3Sisters Highway exit "75, 102 Dyrgas Gate Mountaineers Village, this little French accent Bistro is a gem, the owners Anthony Rabot and Valerie Trudel are the perfect hosts, the food excellent, the lemon pie “the best in the world”, the service fantastic, cannot find a better place to relax and enjoy great food with friends, what a great find.

Friendly atmosphere, great hosts Anthony and Valerie
Anthony is from Bordeaux France, he came to Canada 4 years ago for the Vancouver Olympic, felt in love with the Canadian Rockies and Canmore, on her side Valerie was born in Montreal Quebec, raised in Three Rivers, came to work in the Rockies during summer time, and decided to establish in Canmore many years back. Together they decided to take a huge challenge, buying  The Market at Three Sisters Bistro last September, since then they open Unwined Beer Wine and Spirit, a store that offer a unique selection of wines for all tastes, cold craft, local and imported beers, wine tasting every Saturdays or even private tastings.
The menu included my favorite meal “European Style Pizzas”, thin crust with awesome toppings like the Al Proscuitto “tomato sauce, sundried tomato pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto”, the Montreal Salad is amazing “organic spinach, spiced pecan, blue cheese, pear and balsamic dressing” another favorite is the Seafood Paella “seafood, chicken, chorizo and vegetable in an Arborio rice and Mussels Atlantic mussels, white wine and butter sauce, shallots, garlic, parsley served with fries

Best Cappucinos in town

Great Place, great gluten free choices, amazing food!
Unwined, beer, wine and spirits

Delicious  sandwiches selection, like the Italian Meatballs “lightly toasted multigrain bun, tomato sauce, mozzarella and bison meatballs, or the Market Wrap “tortilla wrap, sundried tomato pesto, spinach, feta, seasonal vegetables, caramelized onions, toasted chicken, pear or apple.
Italian Meatballs, anytimes!!!

Every week Chef Anthony prepares a delicious 3 course meal, also the Chef’s Inspiration Pasta, the Chef’s selection of Tapas like “chorizo in red wine, humus with French baguette, marinated olives and nuts, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, empanadas, smoked salmon pate, bison meatballs, black olive tapenade, a dream place for gourmet of all tastes.
The dessert “the amazing lemon pie, you have to try it, it’s really the best in the world without a doubt in my mind, don’t forget the chocolate cake real gluten free delight, speaking about gluten free, this a great place with an amazing selection of gluten free items on the menu, having many friends that are Celiac or gluten intolerant, I find that’s very important to mention it, not every great bistro offer that option. 

The best lemon pie in the world!!!

Summer Hours:
Monday-9am to 8pm
Wednesday-9am to 8pm
Thursday-9am to 8pm
Friday-9am to 9pm
Saturday-9am to 9pm
Sunday-9am to 9pm

*Extended hours for special event or long weekends.*

For more details about this amazing Bistro, visit their website


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