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Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Matter, From Montreal to Vancouver

Leaving Montreal was very difficult, not sure when we will be back!

Every time we are passing by Montreal Airport we stop at Moe Deli and Bar for a smoked meat sandwich, a long-standing MontrĂ©al tradition,  but Moe location Gate 2 was way too far from our departure door at Gate 52, and this time we didn’t get any help for my handicap husband, the rule change, to get help, you have to pass security at the last minute, and Moe and other great resto are the other side, no choice we had to pass security and get to the resto without help, took us about 40 min to get to our gate, lucky enough, close by was the “U Bar at Gate 53” great place and the food amazing, for now on we will try to stop to U Bar more often depending on our departure door.
U Bar, Urban Style, great place and amazing food, got a pizza

We got to Vancouver late on June 19, our son and his wife Sandra picked us up at the airport, to bring us to their new place in North Vancouver.

Great view from our kids balcony in North Van
 I love their new apart, stunning view from the balcony and great location, North Vancouver is becoming my favorite place in Canada, if we come back from Argentina it may become home!
Passing time with our kids, it’s always the best, it was way too short, next time we hope to meet in Mendoza.
I took many photos of my son and Sandra, in the post processing I decided to add a bit of drama and old style, using Nick Analog FX Pro… all the photos were done using Canon 5D Markiii, and Canon 24-105

 Sebastien our son, using Nick Analog FX processing
Sandra and Sebastien

Sandra and Sebastien relaxing on their balcony

Sandra is my favorite model, she is beautiful inside out,
Beautiful Sandra

We enjoy every minute in North Van, we found a beautiful patio, a great place to relax, The Sailor Hagar's Brew Pub, great service too, we meet great guys, that gave us their seat, that doesn't happen often, but how nice it is when it does, because of them we got the best seat on the patio and the most comfortable chair for my husband.

Sandra and I, enjoying our time together

My husband Marc sitting on a comfortable chair, thanks to the guys in the background.

Marc was very happy to be behind the bar

Marc was an happy guy, thanks to the staff at the The Sailor Hagar's Brew Pub

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  1. Dear Diane,
    You are writing so emotionaly and I'm reading it with great interest.I see you love Canada and my heart is breaking you are leaving to Argentina. I saw TV news about Argentinas bancruptcy. And I worry about you. Will it affect your family...Be brave, be strong Diane. Let everything be OK with you.

    And now I want to say that my future daughters in law name is Sandra too :)) and she is wonderful 25 years old girl. i love her. She and my son Roland live in Copenhagen. Emigrants ...:(
    Good luck,

  2. Thank you for your support Irena, I am sure that your Sandra is beautiful inside out too, so great to have an amazing relationship with our kids, Sandra is like my daughter, I love her as much, and so happy for my son.
    We are not to worry about Argentina, this problem is cause by the so call "vulture funds" that never paid the amount the are asking for, like a lot of other country in the same position, Argentina may need a mediator, it may take for ever to resolve, for us that don't change our plan for now anyway. We are leaving in 2 weeks and will try to stay for at least 2 years, after what we can decide what will be next, maybe North Vancouver, even if it is quite expensive, it's close to the kids, and we are keeping our Canadian citizenship and can come back at anytime.
    Have a wonderful week end my friend:)))