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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tupungato Volcano

I was showing one my mountain shot that I took from the plane between Mendoza and Santiago to David the manager at Leon Café Bar, when he saw that shot he told  me hey this is  a great shot of Tupungato.
I found out that it is one of the highest mountain in America 21 681’/6570mts, an old volcano, the last eruption was in 1986, not that long ago, it’s considered as the highest active volcano in the world! That massive mountain sit between the border of Chile and Argentina, on the Chilean side close by Santiago and on the Argentinian side at the entrance of the Province of Mendoza about 100k south of Aconcagua the highest peak of the Americas south and north.
Apparently a plane crashed on it in 1947 on the Argentine side, and because the massive amount of snow, the little plane disappears and was found more than 50 years later in 2000.
If you want to climb it, theirs is tours, Tupungato is not a dangerous peak, cannot compare to the extremely dangerous Aconcagua, it is a more relaxing climb, in an amazing surrounding over 20,000 glaciers, it’s not cheap, about $4000USD and that’s not include your flight to Santiago or Mendoza Argentina, the best months for climbing are Dec, Jan, Feb, and March. 
Canon 5Dmarkiii, Canon 24-105 at 82mm, f14, 1/800sec, ISO200

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