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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mendoza Week 17

My friend Anne the Birthday girl, Rowena and I sitting at Soltiga before our excursion to Godoy Cruz

Monday I had to pick up my friend Anne arriving from Calgary, got there with my friend Craig to help with the luggage, her flight from Santiago Chile was delay for one hour, it’s a long trip but she was not too tired, she slept in her first flight a 10h direct flight from Toronto to Santiago. She will stay at Soltiga an apartment hotel in Mendoza Quinta section just 5 min walk from our house.
She will stay in Mendoza for 3 ½ months enjoying the Argentine summer.
Her flight landed at 5:30pm and by the time she passed customs and the ride to Soltiga it was already 7pm, to welcome her to our neighborhood we decided to have a beer at Leon and introduce her to David the owner, after what we had a light diner at our place.
On Tuesday I went with her to the “blue pesos exchange” she got a very good rate, around 12 pesos per US$.  

Wednesday was Anne birthday, and Craig had organized a visit to Godoy Cruz a city that is part of the metropolitan area of the provincial capital Mendoza to meet with one of his friend an artist muralist, and to show us one of the last mural project in Godoy Cruz.
Anne, Rowena, Craig and hi decided to meet at Soltiga for an early breakfast before our excursion to Godoy Cruz, we took a cab to the trolley that is going from Mendoza to Godoy Cruz, and we found out that there was a strike going on. The only way was to take a cab and that’s what we did.
We got there and meet with Enrique Moyano the muralist, he was our guide and showed us one of the last mural project that was done on the wall of a burned down winery, fantastic work, many artists from the last meeting of muralists in Mendoza, which is dedicated to artists in the Cuyo region, where artists from different latitudes of Latin American and other places “¡Quiero compartir este misterioso tesoro contigo!”( I want to share this mysterious treasure with you!).
Me, Anne and Craig in Front of one of the Mural that Enrique worked on.

The Murals

The Murals

 The Murals

The Murals being done, photo of Enrique Moyano

 The Murals being done, photo of Enrique Moyano

The Murals

The Murals

 The Murals

The Murals

 Enrique in front of his work,

 Enrique in front of his work with the girls, me, Anne and Rowena

Burned Winery
 To go back to Mendoza for lunch we had to get a cab but because we were 5 it was a challenge, finally we got one, it felt like being in a can of sardines, 4 of us in the back and Enrique in the front with the driver. It was not the most comfortable ride but we got to Anna Bistro in one piece and had a great lunch to celebrate Anne’s birthday. We finish the evening at our place with Anne and Rowena with Champagne that Anne had bring, it was a very interesting day a lot of fun.

Feeling like in a can of sardines 

 Feeling like in a can of sardines, 4 sitting in the back of a small cab.

Me taking the picture of the birthday girl at Anna Bistro

Anne looking at the menu,

Anna Bistro, so good,

Menu of the day, cod it was delicious!!!

The expedition group enjoying a great lunch at Anna Bistro.

Friday night was our first asado at our house, our neighbor Carlos invited us, we bought a lot of bottles of wine, a big chicken, and our friend Rowena came with an amazing bottle of Malbec and all the ingredients to do a giant Caprese salad, Anne, Rowena, Marc and I were very happy to finally learn how to do an Asado, even if we are not big meat eater, it’s a perfect way to celebrate, and we can cook a lot of lean meat and vegies too. Carlos had invited other neighbor and some of his friends too, he had a lot of meat and wine too. 

Our first Asado with friends and neighbor

 A lot of meat,

Onions roasting

Luis working hard, he is an expert!

 A lot of food,

Rowena Caprese Salad

What a great party, sitting outside all evening and a part of the night, sharing food and wine with friends. We will do it again, we have another one coming next week end at one of our friend house and we will try to do it ourselves during the holidays.

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