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Friday, December 5, 2014

Mendoza Week 16

Trapiche Olive Trees

To answer a lot of questions about chicken, yeap chicken apparently is a big thing, and I agree it’s lean, a lot of protein, and so tasty.
I asked around where to buy the best chicken in town, not the best price, I bought chicken breast at my favorite butcher few weeks back, but I really wanted to buy the whole bird.
My friend Chef Angelo told me that the one located in the north side of Mercado Central was the best in town, I trust Angelo, and I always ask him for food advice.
I bought a whole chicken butterfly cut, a real beauty, and the price wasn’t bad, it was around 2.5kg for 56 pesos, about $6.00US, I was amazed of how much meat was in that bird, the breast was so big that we spit half a breast for our diner. I freeze some of it, and used the rest to make a minestrone soup. That was the first time I used my oven, it works well and the timing was perfect, because we had a cold snap last week end, we got down to 18C, nobody wants to start the oven when it’s 38C outside!!!

Butterflied Chicken

 A lot of meat in that bird,

My Favorite soup Minestrone

I also had the pleasure to meet a newcomer from the US a great woman, we had coffee together and wonder around town, she will be here for a while, that will give me the time to know her better, I think we will become good friends.

To end the week perfectly we went to an event at Trapiche Winery, what a magical night, like the rich and celebs, a private party in one of the finest place in Mendoza, the building itself is amazing, the music I should say the Musician "Javier Casetti" and DJ Emir Carbajo"DJTurco" were fantastic, Javier plaid my favorite instrument the Sax, he plaid many other instruments too. The food was excellent, and the wine "Trapiche selection, Malbec, Sauvignon and Champagne" and for sure the bar was open!
All the photos were done with my Canon 5D Markiii, no flash, I had no choice they had a designated photographer on duty I didn't want to disturb his work "he was working I was drinking!!!" Anyway I had to push the ISO up to 6400 that is very very high, I normally try to stay under 1200, but I had no choice even at 6400 when people were moving too much I got  blurry images, but I managed to salvage some of them, to give you an idea of the event and how great it was. We came back way past midnight, a special thank you to our friend Craig that invited us to this amazing and magical event.

I put a small video of Javier Casetti on my FB page just click on the FB to be redirected.

We arrived at 8:30pm, Trapiche Winery beautiful building, an old train station.

Trapiche an old train station transformed!

The Deck, the deck is over looking the olive trees and the mountains, what a great place to showcase art.

Javier Casetti one of Argentina great musician

People enjoying the show, the food and the wine.

Javier Casetti

Javier Casetti

Javier Casetti

The people that make this event possible, they worked very hard and it was a complete success.

Bar open

Our great friend Craig, he organized our expedition to the event, my husband Marc the amazing event planer Fabrina Heinrich and her husband.

The guests are leaving and the staff are relaxing, and dancing.

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