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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mendoza Week 18

I wander around to relax and shot street photography this week, I took some shots at a street entertainers working in a major intersection, and a soap bubble maker at Plaza Independencia.
Wondering around in Mendoza it’s one of my favorite thing to do, the sun is always out, this is the sunniest city I ever lived in.

Street entertainment

Plaza Independencia soap bubble maker

I doesn’t feel like Christmas is coming, but some store sells Christmas Trees and decorations, I asked around what was the Argentine way, apparently it’s really simple, family gathering around an asado, fruit salad, helado and sandwiches, not too much decoration, only biblical ones.
In Mendoza and I guess in Argentina they don't put their decoration out months in advance like we do in North America, they wait till the last few days before Christmas.

No snow for Christmas!

Helado is a great way to celebrate everything, I really enjoy trying deferent place, a lot of them are artisanal. What I am looking for is not as much as the creamy taste but the real taste of fruit or chocolate. I stopped by one of the biggest “Ferruccio Soppelsa” this week to try their dark chocolate and cherry helado, it was very good this one will go on my list.

The best ice cream

Sharing great moment with friends,

I also went to the mountain I will have a post about it in January when my post on Mendoza will resume,
Happy holidays to all,



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