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Friday, January 9, 2015

Corel Painter 2015

Few months ago, when trying the new Corel Painter 2015, I found out that the new version had a lot of bugs,  brush pressure problems, most of the brush didn't respond to Wacom tablet stylus. I was very frustrated and continued to use my older version.

Corel Painter is an expensive and extensive program and the new version had a lot more creative tools, I sent an email to Corel about the problem and at that time they were working on a patch.

Yesterday I decided to check if the patch was ready and it was.

 The New Particle Brushes and Jitter Smooth tool create organic shape and it's excellent to create texture directly on the canvas.

During the next few months I will experiment with the new tools, a lot of tutorial to watch!!!

Experimenting with Corel Painter 2015,

Original Photo, Canon 5D Markiii and Lensbaby double glass optic.

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