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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan. no 2, Mendoza Fig Tree,

I have visited Mendoza many times, but never this time of the year.

We have a fig tree in our backyard, a beautiful tree, every time we staid here the tree had fruit, I look at it 2 weeks ago, and saw small buds, I was very excited as I never saw a fig tree blooming,

Few nights ago sitting on the balcony, I saw some flowers, at first I wasn't sure it was from the tree,
we have a lot of different plants in the backyard, but it was,  it amazed me how beautiful fig tree flowers are.

The next morning I decided to do some macro shooting using different lenses, "Canon 100mm macro lens, Lensbaby soft optic and Lensbaby double glass optic.

My fig tree

Canon 100mm Macro at f3.2, I like the crispness of this lens, at f3.2 it also have a beautiful blurry effect

Canon 100mm Macro, this time at f2.8 keeping only the front flower in focus.

Lensbaby soft focus at f4, everything is soft with this optic.

Lensbaby soft optic f4, I added texture to this one to add to this already dreamy look.

Lensbaby double glass optic, f4, keeping only part of the image in focus.

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