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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creative Lens "Canon Fisheye 15mm 2.8"

Creative Lens "Canon Fisheye 15mm 2.8"
I used that lens before for landscape, not a fan of it for landscape work, I will give it another try next time I am in the mountains. Very different feeling when I used it in town.  

I decided to use it in DT Calgary, exploring a way to shoot the new Bow Building the new home of Encana & Cenovus, 1.7 Million sq ft, Encana sold it, and leased it for 25 years, apparently the cost of the construction was over 1.4 billion, and at completion in 2012,  it became the 149th tallest building in the world.

f9,1/640sec, ISO 200
On the plaza in front of the building rise the Wonderland, a work by the Spanish Sculptor Jaume Plensa . The sculpture is a 12-metre-tall bent-wire portrait of a young girl's head,  the key feature of the main plaza area. 

A lot of big stuff to shoot with a regular lens, and very interesting if done with Canon Fisheye lens attached to my Canon 5D Markiii, I know it's not for everyone,  the distortion of wide lenses like this one is great, and if you want straight lines this is not the lens for it, but it can be very artistic.

 f9, 1/1000sec, ISO 200

f9, 1/15sec, ISO 200
After visiting and  shooting the Bow and the Wonderland sculpture, I used the Fisheye to shoot a woman sculpture one of the Famous Five "Louise McKinney" McKinney ran for a seat to the Alberta Legislature in the 1917 Alberta general election. She won the electoral district of Claresholm as a candidate for the Non-Partisan League by defeating Liberal incumbent William Moffat. She was in office  from June 7, 1917 to July 18 1921.
Shooting this sculpture with a lens that wide bring me very close and personal to it, as you can see.
On the last note, I think this little lens as a lot to offer:)

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