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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Glamor with Lensbaby Pinhole

Glamor is part of the feminine feature and I believe that every women should be at their best and feel confident and beautiful. Getting older doesn't mean to forget about beauty, but instead embrace the change and appreciate the maturity of our being, that's my motto:). As a photographer my work is to bring the inner beauty out, and show how woman of any age are beautiful.  I did some self portrait using a Lensbaby pinhole optic, this make the image very soft, charming for all age, no prejudice just beauty. It's not sharp that why the result is so romantic.
The way I did it, I put my Canon 5D Mrkiii on a tripod, attached the Lensbaby composer lens with pinhole optic, adjust the exposure did some test to get the best one, no need to touch the focus with this optic, and start shooting. On post production I used Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 great for B&W, used preset #34  adjusted to my liking to get that vantage look. 

Exposure 4 sec, ISO 250, I was using a remote to shot.

Second one still using a remote, exposure 5 sec. ISO 400.

Third one exposure 6 sec. ISO 800.

Lensbaby optics are great for glamor, most of the optic focus manually and are difficult to use for self portrait at the exception of the pinhole.

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