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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fine Art Daffodil Using Fractalius Software and Photoshop Liquify Filter

Fractalius by Redfield software  creates unusual  artworks, 
you can used the list of presets to start and play with the slider to get the effect you want. When I get the look that I want I save the preset for future use. This is not a big program and not too expensive around $40.00 us.
 Result Fractilius, Liquify & Multiply Blending Mode


Fractalius Window
I created this example in 10 min.  Fractalius is very slow to download from the plug in to Photoshop, that gave you time to stand up do a bit of exercise get a coffee etc... it may take you less time depending of the file size you are using.   
One thing to remember before you open Fractalius is to duplicate your layer, that way you can play with the opacity or use a layer mask to fine-tune the result.
On this example I used a layer mask to keep part of my original, from the Fractalius effect. " The original a macro shot, using a tripod,  and LED light at 2 O'clock, Canon 5D Markiii, Canon Macro f2.8 100m, at f8, 1/15 sec, ISO 200.  Always save a PSD file of your layers, you never know when you will need to go back for adjustment.
After flatten the layer and duplicated it I opened Photoshop Filter "Liquify", huge improvement in Photoshop CS6, a lot  faster, see your work as you go, easy to restore,  you can watch this short tutorial on Peachpit.

I used Liquify to change part of my flower, make it more like a painting than a photography took out a bit of the reality from it.  
Liquify Window

To finish it and to get a deeper perspective I flatten the image, duplicate the layer again and used multiply blending mode at around 20%.

I used  that file in Corel Painter and painted over it, It took me 3 hr using different brushes and colors, you can try Corel Painter X3 for 30 days, it's the best painting program that I know!
Painting "Corel Painter X3"

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