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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lensbaby New Circular Fisheye Lens

Lensbaby new Circular Fisheye lens, is quite different to a regular fisheye lens, you can focus as close as 1/4" and as far as infinity.

I was anticipated the arrival on that new lens, with a lot excitation, everything about it seems amazing, but my first experience wasn't what I expected.

HOW TO USE from Lensbaby Site
  1. Adjust your camera's diopter for your eyesight. 
  2. Set your camera to manual or aperture priority mode.
  3. Set your aperture.
  4. Rotate the ring to focus.
Seems easy enough, except if you are like me using a full frame camera, as it produce a lot smaller image circle, it means for me anyway that I cannot use my viewfinder, I cannot see any details way too small.

A bit of frustration, I put it away for few days, as I am so busy preparing our move to Argentina!

Even if I wasn't happy at first, I decided to give it another try, just few shots, using my camera digital screen and using the magnification button up to x10 it is pretty easy to focus and see all the details.

I am going to do other test shots using my tripod, and I am sure that with time and practice this little piece of equipment will become a favorite not only for imagery but also for movie clips during my adventure to North and South America.

I cropped the image to give you a better view,  Jpg's at very low resolution,  my tiff high resolution images even if I cropped them and used high ISO "800" are very clear, even at f3.5

View from my window early morning, rainy day, Very low resolution image, Lensbaby Fisheye Circular mounted on Canon full frame 5D Markiii,  f3.5, 1/160sec, ISO 640

As close as I could get the lens almost touching the tomatoes, Lensbaby Fisheye Circular mounted on Canon full frame 5D Markiii,  f3.5, 1/4sec. ISO800
As you can see the possibility are amazing, from many hotel room windows to directly into different meal plates, I am positive this will be a great travel lens.

I am going to try different shooting techniques with it, and keep you updated with my results,

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