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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marc Art

My husband  Marc started his working life as an electrical draftsman/designer, which was a long time ago, a lot before the use of AutoCAD, it was all done manual, with a pencil!
He worked on big projects, from East “Pointe Lepreau New Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station” to Fort McMurray Alberta Oil Sand.
In 1982 recession was hard, and I was pregnant, that’s when we decided to move back east, but recession was across Canada, no more projects no more needs for electrical draftsmen.

Marc never went back to drafting, he worked in sales, as Territory Manager and Sales Manager he did well, till he got sick around 1998, that’s when he was schedule for his first neck fusion, since then he got a second upper one and a back decompression.

Marc last surgery lower back decompression spring 2014
He has been handicap for many years now, and sometimes especially in winter it is quite hard on his moral, that’s why we are embarking in this 2 years adventure in Argentina, we are going to remain Canadian, and keep a residence in Alberta, but if possible we will avoid staying in Canada during winter.
To keep his moral high Marc began to draw again, before being an electrical draftsman he was doing a lot of art drawing with ink, now he is back to it, using ink fineliner and highlighter and writing poetry.
This is a therapy for him, he is getting more creative and happier every day, even if the kind of work is doing is not for every taste, and his poetry is only in French, I am extremely happy about his progress, and I don’t speak about his art only but also about his joy to create, he is a new man, winter wasn’t that bad this year!!!

 Marc in Canmore

Marc in Buenos Aires Argentina spring 2011

You can see his gallery on my website under Marc Art Tab, the slide show is a bit fast to read the text, you have the option to stop the slide show, to read the test if you read French and to hide the caption to have a better look at the image.
My favorite even if is no poetry attached to it is “DogsLife, Parle moi de chat, toro toro” that means Dogs Life, Speak to me about cat and Parrot Parrot!

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