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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On the Move,

Comfree image of our Dining before selling
Dining on the move

Some news about our move to South America!

As everyone knows moving is not easy, even if it's the other side of the street.

Selling your home, your car, your furniture is a lot of work, that's why I had be absent of the social media like FB since the last few months, with my husband back surgery, and the move to prepare, time is so restrain, too busy.
Comfree image of my office before selling

My office on the move

We did sell our condo in Okotoks Alberta, extremely fast only few weeks, we only showed it 4 times, and that was it, we were very happy with Comfree services, they were very professional and saved us a bundle. Now with the possession date coming shortly, we are in a process to sell all our furniture and a lot of other stuff. We decided to put few things in a 5x10 storage for when we are back north if we come back!
Comfree image of our living room before selling
Our living room on the move

During June we are not only selling our stuff but also will visit our family down east and our Son and his wife in Vancouver, it will be another busy month.
Comfree image of our bedroom before selling
Our bedroom on the move

After the possession date we will share a condo whit friends in the same condo complex where we lived the last 7 years, we will board the plane destination Mendoza Argentina Aug. 15.

But before boarding the plane we will try to travel a bit in AB, in our surrounding, we are planning  road trips to Jasper, and Canmore.

The last thing we will have to do will be to sell the car, that will be the hardest part, I luve my little car, I was hoping to bring it with me, but that's not an option, means it will have to find another house.

I will keep you posted, on our new adventure...

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