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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Conceptial Photography 2 redone

I enrolled in a PPSOP photography class few weeks back, a very interesting subject “Conceptual Photography”. I had a few posts on it, but no 2 was erased not sure how it happened, anyway I am rewriting it!
Conceptual Photography, is very different as you can cut head, brake all the rules, a lot of creativity.
The goal is to represent a concept with image for book cover, look at my images, and read the caption to find out what concept I wanted to represent. One thing to keep in mind when doing this kind of work is that the book cover are normally portrait format.
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I am starting Photography Magic Friday should be very interesting!!!

thriller image, is it an abduction a kidnapping, or a rescue!
An eyewitness someone feeling the need to speak out, someone that was humiliated, someone that want to tell the school dirty secret!

estate history, family matter, she maybe the last generation living in the same house, a lot of story happen is this family in this house.
Love Fear break up!!!

Fear, hope for help, lock up, captive, lonely, depression, nightmare, so many thing come to my mind, I have a real fear of being a hostage, this time again I used myself as the subject, and a flash to light one side, to get definition! I had the cyan tone to add drama.
Pure Fear, King Kong or Godzilla!!!
 oncept of hope, and dream, as most of us have dream and goal, that we keep inside, and hope that one day we will accomplish them, many concepts and stories in this one!

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