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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Photography Magic Shadows, Kaleidoscope, Double Exposure

I have been taking Photography Magic class at PPSOP, love that school, I am trying to do a class every second month when I have time, it gave me a push to do something else, learn new things, and have fun.
If you want to take a class you can use my discount code, I use it myself, it's only 10% but if I can save some $ why not, the code is ppsop67360.

This week for my homework I plaid with smoke using the Photoshop to transform my smoky images to  Kaleidoscopes, a lot of free transform flipping layers all over the place, the result is very different from the original image.

Original Image


Original Image


My second homework was playing with my own shadow, keeping only some part of the picture like my shoes and some dripping water.

Feel like a shadow after a big evening!!!

Pouring Water

My third was to do double exposure using Photoshop to merge 2 photos, that’s how I was able to mix a man and woman in one person, and put the firework inside the PPG Glass Tower Building in Pittsburg.

Man or Woman

Fireworks at the Glass Tower

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