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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mendoza Week 13

Our new decor, our dining space, that was the 2 first pieces installed.
A lot of excitement on Monday, our images were done and delivered, so excited that bringing up the biggest one, I fell in the stairs going up to our apartment, a lot of bruises, but I save the art piece!!!
That wasn’t my lucky day, I had wrecked my food processor earlier that day, it slipped out of my hand and I pulled the wire and ruined it. 

After we put the our art works inside the house we decide to find someone to repair the food processor, couldn’t find any shop that wanted to do it, we end up at Leon, and our friend David offered to repair it. We had a beer chatting with David and decided to organize our first Fiesta!!! It will be on Sunday night, about 15 to 20 guests, we will be jam pack in our small apart but that will be fun, all our guests are great people.

We came back home and saw that our parking tenant was home, Marc went to see him and gave him his receipt, and for sure Marc came back home with him, he is a great guy, we began to speak about art and travel, he just came back from Venice, him and his fiancé will come to our fiesta!
Food info, I went to the market to buy fish for the first time, I really wanted to try the South Atlantic white sea salmon, it’s a very tasty fish, it’s half and half between cod and halibut, thick and meaty fillet, price per kg $9.00US, a real bargain!

South Atlantic White Sea Salmon, a mix between cod and halibut.

Politic, we were thinking of going to the immigration office this week to extend our tourist visa, but I found out that you can do it online, a lot better than waiting in line for hours, I also found out that they are changing the law, no more in and out every 3 months, that’s a bugger as we don’t want to become resident the process is way too complicated, we will wait and see, the law was voted to stop the drug dealers, nothing to do with tourist wanted to extend their stay. We will stay in Argentina till our trip back to Canada, not going out, in case they don’t let us back in.

Wednesday I had a meeting with a winery GM my friend Marissa, she is working on a project for the winery art gallery, we did some brainstorming, the winery owners want a different kind of art as they don’t want to be like every other art gallery in the valley, it won’t be easy to get what they want, but everything is feasible, Marissa is leaving for the US on Monday and will be back early 2015, we will see how we can get that project going.  We had the meeting at a new coffee and bakery shop in the core, what an amazing place, and their fresh bread OMG, I bought 2 loafs one rye loaf and the other with raisin and nuts that I finished on my way home.
Brod one of the best place for amazing loafs, I used Topaz Impression to add a painterly effect.

A great cup of coffee sitting outside in mid Nov.

I found sometime to experiment with photo montage using layers and painting using Topaz Impression, I wanted to do a surreal but interesting image, I wanted something real soft and lite. I used Topaz Impression Oil Glazed by Blake Rudis filter and modified it a bit, I wanted her skin to be pale, and the color to be less saturated. I used layers to take some of the painting out to reveal her eyes and part of her face and body.

Photo montage using Photoshop layer, and painting effect using Topaz Impression.

Saturday I went to Trovato to order the picada, I picked it up in the evening, so big I had problem to put it in the fridge!
Trovato is the best place to buy picada.

I also made some finger food, "crackers with cheeses, nuts, strawberry, olives and ham"
 some of our guests had bring chocolate too, not a lot of left over,

Not a lot of left over!

It was a great evening, a nice house warming event, we also showcase our art, our new decor,

This is our new living decor, some of my work.

Just before entering the kitchen, this one that I did a long time ago!

Marc's art in the living room.
Marc's art, on the stairway wall!

 We got 18 guests, all very nice and interesting people, great friends, we will do it again for sure, it was a memorable evening, it started at 7:30 and ended around midnight. I installed my camera on the stair with a view of the living and dining space, I used 2 flashes not a lot of light but at least I got good shots and great souvenirs, I timed the camera to go on every 5 min. and let it do the work!
One of the image was done with my little Panasonic, and you can see my other camera setting in the back ground.

Me and Marissa looking at Marc work,

I was chatting with Gustavo, "in Spanish" with the help of my friend Karl doing a bit of translation for me!

Me and David chatting about Marc's art!

Karl and Gisel, great conversation! She is learning German, and Karl is from Germany, not sure what language they were using!

Laughing, what a great evening.

Getting late, Gisel, Berenice and Deo eating chocolate! My camera still taking some shots in the background

It's past midnight, the soiree is over, it was a great one!

Some pics done by our friend Craig at the end of the evening, thank you my friend

Marc my husband and best body since ever

Me and Marc, the evening is almost over!

Still in love!!!

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