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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Challenging on location work, with two extremely busy subjects

This one wasn't part of the job but I kept it, I like how natural they were before posing, Canon 5D Markii, Canon 16-35 at 35mm, f11, 1/250 sec, ISO200

Working on location can be a real challenge especially when you got no flexibility at all, it happens to me many times, but one particular job prove to be more challenging.

I was hired to shoot, two priests at the new Catholic church in Okotoks Alberta, I had a restrict few hours to do so, not knowing if the principal subjects, will be available for more than few minutes.
I was lucky the weather was great that day, I wanted to do some outside shots, I got there few hours early, to find out that the church was rented by the school board for meetings, I spoke with the responsible and agree to use some part of the church for my own work.

I did a walk around inside and outside to determine the light and were to place my 2 subjects, labelling my chosen spot with tape, I knew that my shooting time was going to be restricted as these 2 priests were extremely busy, they were not my client, they were only the subject, not an easy situation as they didn’t care too much about the result.

Catholic priests don’t have it easy, they don’t decide on their schedule, they serve their community, and I wanted to do my best to make it easy and fast to let them go back to their busy agenda.
The first priest arrived on time and was very relax,

Father Steve posing in front of his church, low angle shot, Canon 5D Markii, Canon 24-105 at 47mm, f11, 1/125 sec, ISO 200

30 minutes later the second priest arrived, he had no time, he allow me 30 minutes to finish the shooting.  It was very challenging and stressful, I was glad that the weather was playing alone and that I had the time to get organize before the shooting started.

I was far enough that even with f2, I was able to get a clear image, this was the kind of image that was requested, Father Frank and Father Steve taking the perfect pose,  Canon 5D Markii, Canon 85 prime lens, f2, 1/125 sec, ISO 200

The result was ok, what I mean by that is that it pleased the client, this was exactly what the client asked for, when on a job this is the priority, if you are successful with the request that’s all that count, you have to put your preference on the side.  Even if I was restricted during this shooting some of the image that I took when they were relax and not posing were pretty good, and I am glad I accepted that challenge.

After the shooting session, mine to keep, Canon 5D Markii, Canon70-200 at 105mm, f3.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 200

F3.2 help to isolate the subject, I should of cranked the ISO to 400 to get a faster shooter speed, but I didn't had the time to change the setting and didn't want to miss the shot  , Canon 5D Markii, Canon70-200 at 105mm, f3.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 200

Relaxing and chatting after the photo session, before getting back to their busy schedules, Canon 5D Markii, Canon70-200 at 105mm, f3.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 200

Location shooting is never easy, especially when your are restricted by time, it’s really hard to predict what will happen, but I enjoy it, like these wedding photographer that I admire, shooting this kind of on location work is not easy but the experience is a real learning opportunity.

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