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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition For FREE!!!

 Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition For FREE!!!

This is an amazing offer, it won't last, go on guys and get it, it is one of the best photo enhance software that I know, you will love it, don't miss it. Their online tutorials are great, and easy to follow.
Raw not process image,

Using Perfect effect 8, took me about 2min. to get this vibrant image.

Create Your Best Photos with
the Best Photo Effects
Bring out the “WOW” in your images with the transformative power of Perfect Effects 8. Its extensive library of one-click presets, adjustable filters, and powerful tools make it easy to bring out the best in your image. Get stunning results instantly or take complete creative control as you add subtle to striking enhancement to your image, create a vision that you have in your mind's eye, or immerse yourself in freeform creativity. With Perfect Effects 8, you can do it all.

Flexible Effects for Unlimited Creativity
Whether you are just starting out in photography or a seasoned professional, Perfect Effects gives you a spectrum of powerful and flexible tools to enhance your images and elevate your creativity…and have fun while making your photos the best they can be.

Built-in presets can be applied with a single click to instantly enhance your image or act as a starting point for your creativity.

More than 20 Filters give you a wide variety of ways to add different looks to your image. Each has its own Filter Options that let you fine tune and create the effects you want.

A layered workflow lets you combine, stack, and blend any of the filters and presets to create your own unique look.

Works with Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom®, Apple® Aperture®, and as a standalone application.
Requires 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system, Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

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