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Monday, May 19, 2014

Photoshop Cutout Filter Project and Examples

Final image, higher resolution

 I used Photoshop cutout filter for that Vancouver Harbor View project, it’s a fun filter and can be used for all kind of effects and subjects, all images are low resolution like all my post images, except for the final image of that project.

To do this project, I open my image, duplicate the layer, and used cutout, 

Original Image

  • first pass number of level 6, edge simplicity 5, edge fidelity 1.   

  • Duplicate layer, back to second cutout pass, this time number of level 8, simplicity 7, fidelity 0.

I used a layer mask to keep some of my first cutout pass and original image.

To add to this image I needed water reflection, to do so, I duplicate my layer, add a bit of motion blur, when to edit free transform flip vertical, move tool to place the building reflection where I wanted them, add a layer mask hide all, and paint over to reveal the reflection. 

Using move tool to adjust my reflection

  •  Duplicate layer, add motion blur for the water, layer mask hide all, reveal the lower portion of the water.

Adding motion blur to the water

Final image, change hue/saturation, and added warm tone

 To finish it I plaid with the color, hue/saturation, and warm tone.

To add details when using cut out filter, after doing the cutout pass, duplicate layer, go to filter stylize “find edges” blend mode “ divide, soft light, overlay, linear burn, multiply, and  darken, depending on the result to achieved. 

Using Cutout and Find Edges

Cutout 3 Passes

Cutout and Find Edges

Cutout and Painting

Cutout 3 passes

Cutout and Find Edges

Cutout and Find Edges

Cutout and Find Edges

Cutout and Find Edges

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