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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Conceptual Photography

Melancholy, sadness, depression, I wanted to represent someone that is so sad, and nobody sees her, she alone by herself, she is fading away deep into depression. I put my self timer, my camera at 5 sec to fade away, and a flash directly above me on the right side, I wanted harsh light, I added the blue tone and smoke to make it even more melancholic,

I enrolled in a photography class few weeks back, a very interesting subject “Conceptual Photography”.
It’s very different as you can cut head, brake all the rules, a lot of creativity.
The goal is to represent a concept with image for book cover, look at my images, and read the caption to find out what concept I wanted to represent. One thing to keep in mind when doing this kind of work is that the book cover are normally portrait format.

  Faith, power, truth,
Solitude, loneliness, indifference, withdraw,teenager out of our society, like a lot of kids, feeling disconnected, detached.

 Concept of freedom, backpacker freedom, no real destination, like a dream no restriction. As you can see I focus on the train to make my subject out of focus.

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