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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mendoza week 7 part b

To finish week 7,

I decided to do a small introduction of a fantastic place to eat El Pasillo,

A very private sitting, amazing hosts, so relaxing, and the food divine!!!

Only 6 guests at the time, very intimate,, no rush, we arrived at about 9pm, and came back home a 5min walk at 2:30am, I couldn't believe it went so fast.

I wanted to present you our hosts and their place, and to do so I did a small video, but I couldn't open the file, my card was probably corrupted, too bad, I really wanted to present them, that will give me an excuse to go back!!! One of the best part is the Mama Juana, Angelo Mam Juana is 8 years, very fortunate to have the chance to taste it, we finished the feast with it.

We decided that we will try every new menu, the one below was the one we had.The portion were very generous, and every courses was paired with  great wines and drinks.
Before each course Angelo took the time to explain the provenance of the food, the history about the ingredients and the recipe, he also explain the choice of the pairing wine, the provenance, the history, Angelo is a great chef and also a great host. 

I cannot wait to go back, if you come to Mendoza you have to try it.

Mushroom Beggar's Purse,

Mushroom Beggar's Purse, so good,

The Yuca Frites, that can become an addiction!

Fish Tacos, my favorite.

Tostones, delicious

Jamaican Jerk Chicken, the best chicken ever.

Finishing the evening at early morning with Mama Juana

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