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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mendoza Week 8, and Conceptual Photography

Marc taking a walk in San Martin Park, Mendoza

Another week in Mendoza, what a fantastic place to be!

I learned a lot during this week, we got our friend David and Jessica for diner all in Spanish, a bit difficult but the best way to learn, we had few problem with our door lock, David ran into his place picked up is tools and repaired it, we told him about our stove hood problem it was repaired in 2 minutes, we had to stop speaking about house repairs to make sure David sat and relax. Jessica showed me some tricks too, first how to stop ants to come in your kitchens, the best natural way is lemon rings on the counter and inside the cupboard, it worked perfectly, also to slow cook on a gas stove she used a toaster plate. “Got one.”

During the week we didn’t do too much we are still battling a big cold, Marc and I decided no more going out partying till we are completely free of this bug, instead we stay in and worked on our interior decor project, we will have our images, somethings like 18 small to large prints done, that should cover all the walls, not sure how that will look, but it will represent who we are.
We picked some of our favorite one, like these ones,

Vancouver BC



Buenos Aires


We finally got our insurance done, dealing with an new agent, got his name from our expat group, this group is a life saver, a great helping group, when I need info, this is the first place I asked, there is always someone that respond, that is how we found our Doctor, Doctor Gisel Gauna, not only she is a great physician, she is also a compassionate and talented young woman. 

She came to our home to look at our medical files, she took the time to give us some advice, that we will follow, and she also gave us some recipes for natural healing, we are very lucky to have found her.
We also rented our parking space to our neighbor boyfriend, he own a tourist excursion business, and will give us 40% discount if we need his services, a big plus for my photography workshops.

We also had the visit of Chef Angelo he came for coffee, what a great guy, so helpful, so resourceful, a great friend to have, he is working hard to get his new place open soon, I cannot wait to taste his new menu, and see his new place. When he is installed I will do an interview with him, this is by far the best place to eat in Mendoza the food is amazing a real culinary experience, a friendly warm with food Caribbean! I love Al Pasillo!!!

 I also started a photography meet up, I want this new meet up tailored to the needs of the members, a place to share, relax, experiment new techniques, and have fun. I am going to post new techniques and tricks on the meet up page every week, I will also help novice photographers to improve their shooting result by critiquing their work in a positive way. I was lucky enough to get one of the top UK photographer Brian Swinyard, as a mentor he pushed me to the limit, and he did it in a positive and encouraging way, that’s the way to go.

I also started a new class at PPSOP to take a class you can use that discount coupon ppsop67360, this new class "Conveying Concepts, Feelings and Stories in Photography" is about concept photography for book cover, this week we had to use simple objects to describe certain concepts, as we just move in Mendoza I don’t possess a lot of interesting objects but I managed to take some interesting shots. As you will see, their is no rule in this kind of photography, it's all about the concept, the story.

This one is about Will, we call it Captain Dust,

This on is about hope or Sadness, "Gone"

This one is about clarity, truth, purity...

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