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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Argentina Adventure chapter one "Mendoza"

Mendoza wine country 2009, Canon Rebel Xsi, Canon 24-105 at 55mm, f4, 1/400sec, ISO400

The first time I putted  my feet on Mendoza soil was April 17, 2007, at that time I had no idea, that this trip will change my life.

2009 Vendimia Celebration, Rebel Xsi, Canon 24-105 at 85mm, f4. 1/125sec, ISO200, software Fractalius by Redfield.

Mendoza is the capital city  of Mendoza Province,  located in the foothill of the Andes, 25 min. by plane to  Santiago Chile, the bus ride is another story, can take as long as 6 hours, The two  main industries of Mendoza are olive oil and wine hundred of wineries surrounding Mendoza the choice of great tasting wine is amazing and the price more than affordable "just that is enough to make me want to live there", every year early March is La Fiesta National de la Vendimia, the wine festival.
Mendoza is located very close to  the summit of America "Aconcagua" apparently this is a very dangerous ascension, the stormy weather at the summit  is a great challenge and every year climbers lost their life.

 2008 Mendoza General San Martin Park, I don't have the shooting details on this one, but for sure I was using my little Rebel and my 24-105, this is my husband walking under a row of sycamores.
One of the thing I love about this city is the nature, it's all over the place, flowers and trees, my favorite place to relax is General San Martin Park located in la Cinca neighborhood, this park is huge 393 hectare (971 acre) park has 34 sculptures decorating the paths and roads, that park included a zoo, a university, a theater where they do all the big celebration like the Vendimia, museum, football field, a lake with a sport club and rose garden all over the place.
Sitting in the Garden of Anna Bistro with friends, a great evening of 2008, I used my little Rebel for that shoot my DSLR, Canon 24-105 at 24mm, f4 1/4 sec,  to implied a bit of movement, ISO 100

 Anna Bistro 2008, almost time for the 10pm dinner, still warm the garden is full in an hour will move to the restaurant patio to experience some of the best food in South America, same little Rebel same 24-105 lens f9, 30sec, ISO100

If you saw the movie 7 years in Tibet it was filmed in Mendoza surrounding,.
Another thing that please us in Mendoza was the climate "arid" so dry warm and sunny, for people like us that are getting older, it means less arthritis and rheumatism pain, a lot easier to wheel  my husband in his wheelchair too!!! 

Mendoza Cinca neighborhood, 2009, still using the small Rebel with the same lens, 24-105, at 67mm, f4 at 1/125sec, ISO100, fruit stands all over Mendoza, this is close by our apart, actually there is another fruit store the other of the street. Mendoza is the place for fresh fruits and vegetables.
The best part in reality is the people, they love life, always outside, sharing whit others, the way of living, sleeping in the afternoon and having dinner after 10pm, cafes, terraces, fruit stands every corner plus an amazing farmer market close by, a perfect fit for us

 Mendoza Farmer Market 2011, Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at 24mm, f4, 1/13 sec, ISO640, even with if I used a tripod, it was so dark inside that I had no choice and boots the ISO, this market is fabulous, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a lot a lot of meat, we are in Argentina, they love their meat, perfect for an asado.

Mendoza Farmer Market 2011, Canon 5D Markii, 24-105 at24mm, f4, 1/25sec, ISO640, as you can see, this is a great place to shop if you're like me and love good food.

The first trip was an eyes opener, as soon as we came back we organized the next one, and in 2008 we bought a small apart in la Cinca close by the park, 20 min. walk from the core.

We were lucky to meet great guys, that took care of our place, it would of been impossible without them. We when back in 2009 and 2011, now we are ready to achieve our goal and move in before the end of 2014.

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