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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Family Matter Marc Surgery,

Getting the camera ready for tomorrow Marc surgery
5:20am Admission to the Foothills Hospital Calgary
We didn't get any sleep, were up by 3:30 leaving the house at 4:20am for the hospital,

We were kind of first one to register, they picked Marc up for surgery around 6:45,

We are speaking about a serious back surgery, but for some reason when he was in recovery his

desired to come home right away, confused the staff, and even if his surgeon required at least two

nights stay, they wanted to release him, means I had to find him from one unit day surgery to another

spine surgery, no one really new what was happening. Cause in Alberta like any places in Canada

most  hospitals are short in beds, after waiting too long in the day surgery care he lost his bed in the

spine unit, they had to transfered him to a new unit in the new tower were he had the surgery, he was

kind of happy about it, he is doing very well the surgery was a success, and he should be home by


I asked him what he wanted to celebrate his successful surgery, we have been waiting many years for

this, and his response was, we will travel a lot more, but this week end I want a great Rosee "Wine"

and great chocolate to go with it, even a cherry blossom, he never asked for sweet before, and he will

get what he asked for for sure.

Thanks to all my family and friends that help us during this difficult time, a special thanks to our

great friends Marge and Tom, thank you so much guys, we love you,


All the pics were done with my small Panasonic Lumix,

Marc great spirit before the surgery

Marc favorite slippers,

Almost time to go, 6:45am

Back from surgery, it was a success, he is doing real well,

He should be out in a couple of days.

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  1. Get well, we are so far, didn't know about this surgery, but if it works for you we are happy you will be better. Thinking of you

  2. From us in QC wish you the best recovery.

  3. Thank you so much guys, we have been waiting since 2008 for the last 2 surgeries, after his recovery, we will be able to plan our visit to Argentina:)

  4. Je pense à toi papa et à Diane. Je souhaite très fort que ça se passe bien. Xxxxxxx