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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flaming Pear Flood Plug In for Photoshop

This work was done using an original image that I took of the sky and birds, first I duplicated my layer & added Flood, and then Potoshop filter- distort- polar coodinates-rectangle to polar, after a lot of tweaking using layer masks, I was able to get this result.

This work was done using Photoshop 3D cube, & Flood

Flaming Pear  Flood plug in
is an interesting and creative tool,
I used it a lot to create fine art
 Using Onone Rain Texture filter,  & Flood
and  for a lot of different application, when I need reflection or water.
Very easy to use, you can try it for free. To add Flood, first duplicate your layer, go to Photoshop image tab, canvas size, add 1/3 of the length of the size of your image to the bottom only of the canvas by clicking on the anchor middle top arrow, don't worry about the color Flood will cover it. Next go to filter, Flaming Pear-Flood, and play with it till you get the desired effect.
5D Markii, 24-105 at 32mm, f7, 1/20sec, ISO200, Onone Rain Filter and Flood for the reflection

Canon 5D Markii, Lensbaby double Glass f4, 1/1250sec, ISO200, & Flood

Canon 5D Markii, Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic, added grain texture & Flood

Canon 5D Markii, 100-400 at 285mm, f18, 1/4sec, ISO200 &  Flood

 This work is part of my Fiction Abstract Gallery,  later on this year I will publish a book on how to do this kind of abstract, stay tune for the announcement on my blog and website.

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